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Welcome to our New Kurdistan Mall, you are in the right place, Here you can find any kind of source of information about Kurdistan and Iraq,  we would update this website daily to make sure to bring you a great detail  of Kurdistan and Iraq ,around USA and Europe for the Kurds who are far a way from Kurdistan . So please I'm asking you to help us out to make this website a history. This is how you can help us.

  1. Let other Kurds know about this website.
  2. Add your own material to the website like poll, poetry, Pictures, Stories.
  3. Tell us about what going on in your area.
  4. Please give us any Kurdish owners of a business and we would be glad to contact with the business to give us their permission to allow us to add them to our website.
  5. Tell us if there is something wrong with this website or you donít like it and how can we make this website a better place.
  6. we need few webmaster, who have a lot of experiences of computers and news. Contact with me

 As for my self  I would like to take this Opportunity to make this website update everyday. so help us out. To contact us with our costumers.




Yours here

please take a moments to surf our pages. thank you for been here. come back next time .

BY: Kurdish Online Team

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