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Peace For Kurdistan

Long Live Kurdistan

        Kurdistan is one of the countries Mid-East. Today , however Kurdistan is not technically anymore because Turkey and Iraq, Iran, Syria and have taken control over Kurdistan. There are still thousand of Kurdish people living in these area even thought it has been taken control of it. Kurdistan has proved much on education and their mountains people are still living, and our majority the Kurdish Holidays.

         The University of Dohuk was founded on September 14, 1992. Dohuk University is the smallest of the three universities in Kurdistan. It  has a total of 1689 students. If high school students have a " B," Possible can automatically go to any University in Kurdistan. The Kurdistan University is free for everyone who graduates from high school. All student must pass the entire course while the are in high school. The University Of Dohuk has many courses. A few of the example are foreign language, doctor, nurse, engineering, ART, law and political, agriculture, Medicine,  and a lot more. The postgraduates was established 1996/1997. it consist  with 3 semesters. the total course would be 24 or 28 credit and the minimum passing each examinations is 60. Also can get PhD which that was established 1998/1999 that consist with 4 semesters. these are course are available to get a master degree medical, art, economic, Kurdish history and language, and much more. To get PhD Theoretical Physics, analytical chemistries, animals physiology, plant physiology and biology. ( President- Dr. Asmat   Khaild)

            The Salahaddin University, previously named University of Sulimani( found in 1968) was established in the academic year in 1982-1983. Is one of the largest University in Kurdistan, Provincial is capital town of Arbil. the following course are available at Salahaddin University are Science- Biology, Chemistry, Physical, Engineering 1968- Civil, Electrical and Mechanical. Art 1971- Kurdish Language, Arabic Language, History and English Language. and much more. ( President Dr. Bahram K. Maulood)

           Sulaimani University was found in 1968 in the town of Sulaimani but it was closed because of the transferred to the town of Arbil and renamed Salahaddin University.  It also consists of these following course Medicine- basic on sciences anatomy, Embryology, Biochemistry, physiology and biology- Microbiology, Surgery, Gynecology and obstetrics, and much more. To get Master Degree Ch, B. after a six years of course.  Engineering, Agriculture, Dentistry, Medicine. ( President Dr. Jalal Shafeek)

        For info about Kurdistan Mountains click here

        Nawroz-Hoilday Click Here


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