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Peace For Kurdistan

 Kurds are speakers of Kurdish, Where does this language came from? well it is a member of the northwestern subdivision of the Iranic branch of the Indo-European family of languages which is akin to Persian. Kurdish divides into two major groups

1) Kurmanji Group

2) Dimili Group- Gorani

     The Kurmanji also called Kirmancha( called Bahdinani)  spoken by about 15 million people. The north Kurmanji  which primarily is in Turkey, Syria, and former Soviet Union) and the south Kurmanji are called sorani App. about 6 million. The Kurmanji( Bahdinani) it written in Latin Alphabet. Former Soviet union first began writing Kurdish in the Armenian alphabet in the 1920's the goes to the following by Latin in 1972.

    Te Dimili( known as Zaza) App. about 4 million kurds. Is writing in Arabic letters but now it uses the same modified Latin alphabet as north Kurmanji for print.

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